NFL Receiver Learns Brother Died Tragically & Plays Emotional Game Hours Later (VIDEO)

Tevin and Torrey Smith
Tevin & Torrey Smith
As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, at times it's hard for me to have nice thoughts about the Baltimore Ravens. But when news came out about wide receiver Torrey Smith and what he went through just hours before the game Sunday night against the New England Patriots, you couldn't help but cheer for him.

He met up with the team to warm up around four hours before kickoff. Only 18 hours before, Smith found out that his younger brother, Tevin Jones, just 19, had died when his motorcycle hit a utility pole. Torrey had gone to Virginia early Sunday morning to be with his family and then came right back to Baltimore to play in the game.

Can you even imagine trying to go to work, let alone play football, a mere few hours after learning about your sibling's untimely and tragic death? But believe it or not, Smith had a fantastic game -- and there's no doubt that he was playing in honor of his brother.


Smith first shared the news via Twitter and posted a few photos of him and his brother (like the one above). The team left it up to him whether or not he would play that night. After Smith decided to play, the Ravens had a moment of silence for him before the game.

In the second quarter, Smith, who was visibly emotional (um, who wouldn't be) pointed toward the sky after catching a 25-yard touchdown pass. He paved the way for the Ravens' offense during the game with six receptions for 127 yards and two touchdowns.

Now that's pretty incredible, isn't it? How he was able to pull it together and have one of the best games of his career shows he's made of stronger stuff than maybe even he believed. It's super admirable how Smith was able to channel his grief and be the best receiver on the field -- not even 24 hours after getting the unexpected news of a loved one's passing. Especially after seeing everything he's gone through with his family, taking care of them, as he and his mother "helped raise each other." Glad he was able to get out there and play in honor of his brother, who he says would have wanted him to.

The Ravens then went on to win after an intense, closely matched game, which came down to a final field goal.

Here's some footage of Torrey speaking with the media after the game:

Have you had to deal with a loved one's sudden death? Think you would have been able to play in this game?


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