Football Fan's Dying Wish Comes True in a Bittersweet Ending to Cancer Battle

Indianapolis Colts

One Indianapolis Colts fan's dying wish is about to come true this weekend, as he'll be attending the last football game of his life as the Colts take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Danny Webber is only 74 years old, and sadly, he's coming to the end of his battle with prostate cancer, which has tragically spread to his lungs and his spleen. He lives in a senior community in Greensburg, Indiana, and the Heritage House Dreams program started by the community has gifted him with one last day of fun at the stadium -- something so simple that we all take for granted.


Webber has been rooting for the Colts for over 60 years, and he's such a huge fan that he even plans on painting his face blue and white to show his team spirit at Sunday's game. (OMG. Is this the saddest thing you've ever heard or what?)

I can't even imagine just how bittersweet that game is going to be for this man, but it really is such a wonderful blessing that he'll be able to enjoy something he loves so much as his journey with cancer comes to an unfortunate end. And judging from his positive attitude about cheering for the Colts, I'm guessing he'll be focused on the game and will enjoy every second instead of dwelling on the fact that this will be his last time in the stands.

And he does have a couple of other small requests, which hopefully the Colts will make possible. He'd like to have quarterback Andrew Luck's autograph, and he'd also like the team to do everything in their power to pull off a win. That doesn't seem like too much to ask, does it?

No matter where your football loyalties lie, it couldn't hurt to send a few good vibes the Colts' way on Sunday. Wouldn't it be wonderful for Mr. Webber to walk away from that game with one last victory?

What moved you most about this man's story?


Image via Paul J. Everett/Flickr

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