Will Gymnast Gabby Douglas Play a Blood Sucker in ‘Vampire Diaries’ Cameo? (VIDEO)

Gabby Douglas Ian SomerhalderAmerican gymnast Gabby Douglas must be one ecstatic 16-year-old. The Olympic gold medalist has recently filmed a cameo on her favorite show, Vampire Diaries, making her debut on the fourth season.

The story behind Douglas admitting she loves the show and how the cast responded during the Olympics to support her is a sweet one. But before we get into that, there's no word yet on the role Gabby will play, just that she isn't playing herself -- kind of hoping they won't kill her off or anything -- or when her episode will air. You know, all the stuff that we'd actually like to know.

Still, if there's anything we can get out of this life-altering news, it's this awesome photo. Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), who's hot enough to be a top contender for the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie (I mean, just look at him), taking a bite out of Gabby's bling. She'll probably never wash/polish/do really anything with that medal ever again after that amazing moment.


Anyway, back to business. Gabby made her love of the show known on Twitter last August. Guess that one little tweet was all it took for the cast and crew behind Vampire Diaries to get together to produce their own video to support Gabby during the Olympics. Back on August 6, they congratulated Gabby and the team on their medals and wished them luck for their future events. (Wow, the Olympics were only a month and a half ago?)

Here is the quick but very sweet video featuring all of the ridiculously hot people from Vampire Diaries:

Before shooting the cameo, she got some love from Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) who announced the sports star's arrival to set via Twitter. Nina tweeted: "@gabrielledoug is coming to The Vampire Diaries set tomorrow! Cant wait to meet and work with you girl! Dont forget to bring your bling! :P" Obviously Gabby saw Nina's message since brought her gold medal along with her (and got Ian to take a bite out of it) (and got photo evidence of it). I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

After everything Gabby has gone through and how well she's represented our country, the chance to hang out with her favorite stars on her favorite show is hopefully just the beginning of good things to come. No one is more deserving. But I am looking forward to seeing what her role is on the show. Hey, Dobrev was a former rhythmic gymnast -- hypothetical story lines abound with that little tidbit.

Are you a Vampire Diaries fan? Will you tune in to watch Gabby's cameo?


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