6 Awesome Celebrity Tumblrs You Definitely Should Be Following

6 Awesome Celebrity Tumblrs You Definitely Should Be Following

beyonceWith Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Tumblr blogs are oft overlooked. But they definitely shouldn't be -- they're awesome! Not only are Tumblr accounts incredibly easy to set up, they're the perfect outlet for sharing photos. Also, there are a whole mess of really great celebrity Tumblrs to follow -- some by the actual celebs themselves (Beyonce!), others just "dedicated" to them.

So, what are you waiting for, you Internet-savvy person, you? Join Tumblr now! Or at least follow one of these six awesome celebrity Tumblrs.


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  • Beyonce



    The mother of all celeb Tumblrs, Beyonce's account is the real deal, run by the celeb mom herself. When she can, Bey uploads adorable photos from family vacations, tours, and of course, the littlest celebrity of all -- Blue Ivy.

  • Kim Kardashian



    Kim doesn't run her own Tumblr, as she's too busy tweeting and Instagraming her face off, but regardless, it's a good blog if you're a fan of the reality star. The site features all the latest and greatest photos of Kim -- and sometimes comes with funny captions to boot.

  • Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart


    Also known as "The Twi-hard's Delight," Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Tumblr pays homage to all things Robsten. There are plenty of movie stills, seldom-seen photos of the two, and hilarious GIFs of the couple.

  • Real Housewives


    This Tumblr is so not run by any of the Real Housewives, as, well, it basically pokes fun at them. But it's hysterical nonetheless. Waste an hour or so on this blog, which will have you cracking up from all the GIFs.

  • Anthony Bourdain


    Neeta Lind/Flickr

    Random? Perhaps, but Anthony Bourdain's Tumblr is run by himself, and it's an entertaining -- slightly more high-brow -- read. Bourdain posts photos of various places he's shooting at, and writes fairly-lengthy, fairly-sarcastic blog posts. And come on, it's Bourdain. What's there not to like?

  • Kate Middleton


    There are tons of Tumblrs out there dedicated to Kate Middleton -- none run by the Duchess herself -- but the most amusing one of all is Kate Middleton for the Win. It hasn't been updated in a few weeks -- boo! -- but it's an entire site full of gorgeous photos of Kate, along with hilarious "princess-esque" captions.

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