5 Facebook Tricks That Will Make Your Life Seem Super Awesome

poolEver since Facebook made its debut, doesn't it seem like everyone is leading an amazing life? If our newsfeeds aren't lying, every day, dozens of our "friends" are going somewhere awesome, eating something exotic, or just driving in their car -- but having a riveting time while doing so. It's kind of annoying, all this fun we're supposed to be having. But how true is it? I mean, it isn't that hard to make things seem way more fun than they really are on Facebook. So if you're not one of those people blessed with non-stop excitement in your life (few are), but you want to make it seem you are, here are five ways to make your life seem super awesome on Facebook. 

Remember, Facebook is nothing if not a highlights reel!


Use a filter on your phone. Instagram, Hipstamatic, Retro Camera -- doesn't matter what you choose. Things always look more interesting/deep/profound with a filter. Here, see:

Doggy without a filter:

nicole fabian-weber

Doggy with a filter:

nicole fabian-weber

He looks so much cooler in the second one, right?

Take a photo of the one exciting second of your night out. Most nights out seem way more fun on Facebook than they were in real life. That's because people are uploading photos of the perfect part of the evening. If a song comes on that everyone loves -- and they're smiling and singing -- take a pic and post that photo onto Facebook, as opposed to the one of everyone sitting around, sipping their watered-down cocktails.

Captions are everything (as are exclamation points!!!). Ever see a picture someone took of themselves, driving alone in their car (or in front of a bathroom mirror), and think, "Wow. He/she seems like they're really happy doing this mundane thing"? That's because of the caption! Without a snappy caption, a car photo upload is just a car photo upload. Try adding something like: "Just heard my favorite song on the radio! SO ready to start the day!!!" Or. Don't.

Post photos of your kids on their best behavior. Temper tantrums. They aren't fun. And neither are sleepless nights, diaper blow-outs, and trips to the doctor's office. So don't post photos of that. It will lead people to believe that parenthood is a drag, man, so only post the fun stuff. Trips to the park; baby freshly-washed; nap time. Those are the things that will make it seem like you have been blessed with the most amazing of children, and that every single second is a highlight. (And remember, captions!)

Don't post pictures/status updates about your major hangover. Unless you're doing some really fun while you're hungover. This will let people in on the fact that your super awesome, seriously fun night out ... didn't end super awesome and seriously fun.

Do your "friends" seem to be having tons of fun all the time?


Image via Marco Raaphorst/Flickr/Nicole Fabian-Weber

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