Oregon Duck's 'Gangnam Style' Is the Most Hilarious & Weird Parody Out There (VIDEO)

Oregon Duck Gangnam StyleYou know what makes me feel better when days are gray and dreary and stormy, like this one (at least that's how it is in New York right now)? Listening to Psy and "Gangnam Style." No wonder the song and video are such a hit -- it's so happy, upbeat, and silly. And it's also no wonder that people are making their own versions of "Gangnam Style" and posting them on YouTube.

I've seen the Rosh Hashanah version and the military version and even the wedding version, but the best sports version came out a few weeks ago, and it's equally wonderful. The University of Oregon Duck rocked it, with the help of some cheerleaders, Bigfoot, a watermelon ... yeah, it's that random and fantastic.


So, without further adieu:

Kind of annoyed that they had to edit out the word "sexy" (really?), but otherwise, this video is pretty freakin' hilarious. The elevator scene is classic, laugh-out-loud stuff. I don't really get the whole watermelon bit, but whatever. And can you believe this whole thing was filmed using an iPhone?

All in all, there were some good looking girls, some good looking boys, some good, fun choreography, some impressive puppet cameos (Kermit and Yoda FTW), and an all-around fantastic remake of Psy's original video. Definitely the best sports version out there. I hope to see the Duck bust out these moves on the sideline at Oregon games in the near future. Kudos to everyone involved! Kevin Bacon ought to be very proud.

Is this the best "Gangnam Style" remake you've seen?


Image via GoDucksdotcom/YouTube

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