Snowboarder Shaun White Arrested in Nashville After Pulling a Charlie Sheen

Shaun WhiteProfessional snowboarder Shaun White was arrested overnight for public intoxication and vandalism, after going all Charlie Sheen and trashing his hotel room at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

TMZ is reporting that a super-drunk Shaun allegedly pulled a fire alarm, which caused the hotel to be evacuated, and then freaked out and ran after being confronted by hotel staff members. Supposedly his room was left in a state of disarray, and he was so out of control that he even smashed the hotel phone. (Way to be subtle, dude.)


But unfortunately for Shaun, he got caught red-handed, (actually more like black-eyed), because he fell and split his head open on a fence while trying to make a break for it. He's even got a nice shiner in his mugshot to prove it.

Ok, confession time. I have a strange phobia of men with red hair (aside from Prince Harry), and Shaun White has always creeped me out a bit more than most. Even when people tried to tell me what a great guy he is and how professional he is, blah, blah, blah -- I always found something about him to be a bit on the shady side. And now it's obvious that I was on to something.

Don't let his kids' clothing line at Target fool ya -- because Shaun has now proven that he likes to get down and dirty and party like a rock star just as much as any other 26-year-old guy with a hefty disposable income.

And if this incident isn't embarrassing enough (considering he's an Olympic medalist and all), the fact that he also apparently kicked a person who tried to stop him from fleeing the hotel in a taxi doesn't exactly help matters. Luckily, no charges were pressed -- otherwise he'd be in even more hot water than he already is this morning. (And I'll bet he has one hell of a hangover too.)

Were you shocked to hear about Shaun's arrest?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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