'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' Turns Into Hilarious Google Game You’ll Want to Play

Do you all remember that game The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? In case you have more important things to do than think about Kevin Bacon, let's recap: Back in 1994, three (apparently very bored) college buddies figured out the origins of the universe that virtually every actor could be linked to Kevin Bacon through his movies in six degrees or less. The game was based on the "six degrees of separation" theory, which says that any two people on Earth are usually six acquaintances apart from knowing each other. Because of Facebook, that's now more like three or four degrees.

The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon became a popular thing (today it'd be a meme). People would try to figure out how many degrees Actor A was removed from Kevin Bacon. That actually took some brain power. But who needs brain power anymore? We've got Google!


It took almost 20 years, but finally you can play the Kevin Bacon game and put forth zero effort (other than typing). There's now a digitized version of the six degrees of KB, and one need only type an actor's name and "Bacon number" into Google. In fact, it's difficult to find an actor who is separated from Kevin by more than three degrees, let alone six. Scary, eh?

Google will not only give you an actor's "Bacon number" but also how the two are connected. Here are some examples.

Robert Pattinson: 2

Rob starred with Michael Sheen in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Michael Sheen starred with Kevin Bacon in Frost/Nixon.

Jennifer Aniston: 1

Jen and Kevin starred together in Picture Perfect.

Johnny Depp: 2

Johnny starred with Helena Bonham Carter in Dark Shadows. Helena starred with Kevin in Novocaine.

Okay, let's throw this thing a curve ball. Justin Bieber. He's not an actor, so ...

Justin Bieber: 4

The Biebs and someone named Riker Lynch were both in something called School Gyrls (seriously?). Riker and Gwyneth Paltrow were both in Glee: The 3D Concert Movie. Gwynnie and John Lithgow starred in something horribly called Classical Baby: I'm Grown Up Now: The Poetry Show (seriously?). And John Lithgow was the preacher in Footloose!

Holy cow, that one was difficult. Could anyone have ever linked The Biebs and Kevin without the help of Google? Now the world knows Justin's Bacon number is 4! Important stuff, all.

Go ahead and try it. Just type in an actor into Google and "Bacon number." Hours of family fun!

Would you play this game? Can you find anyone over six degrees?

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