Skydiver's Camera Falls 12,500 Feet & Lives to Play Back the Wild Ride (VIDEO)

Skydiving cameraThis is one of those you-just-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it videos. One of those cool, weird, non-life-affecting stories for your otherwise dreary, boring start to the work week. Footage has been making the Internet rounds from a camera that was attached to a skydiver but fell off mid-jump. It plummeted 12,500 feet to the Earth. And it managed to capture its entire epilepsy-inducing journey toward the cold, hard, unforgiving ground.

And get this: It never broke. And GET THIS: It even managed to land at an angle so that it perfectly captured two of the skydivers touching the ground. Then OMG: One of the dudes managed to find the camera and the whole thing has a really freakin' happy ending.

See for yourself!


Fair warning, this might give you a little bit of a headache. It's a camera plummeting down to Earth in a 12,500-foot free fall, you know.

Definitely needs a soundtrack and perhaps a remake in slow motion, but otherwise, you gotta admit, that was pretty incredible. If you pause the video while the camera is falling, sometimes you can see some great shots of the sky and scenery. Otherwise, I can't imagine what the camera is thinking during its two-minute downfall to its seemingly inevitable doom. Maybe about its past regrets? Its family and friends? What comes in the afterlife? The promises it'll go to church if it survives the horrific ordeal?

Seriously, though, what are the odds of all that happening? The camera not breaking (that seriously defies all physics -- how did it not break??), it capturing their landing, one of the buddies finding the camera after said landing. It was meant to be, guys. It was meant to be. That said -- I'd love to see a video of some of the still shots from this epic journey, with an appropriate soundtrack in the background. Will someone please get started on that?

Can you believe a camera fell from this height and never broke?


Image via martialart23/YouTube

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