'Nips Out for Kate' Pokes Hilarious Fun at Duchess' Topless Photos

kate middletonThese days, when a celebrity undergoes a scandal (or makes a face), they don't just undergo a scandal (or make a face), they get an entire blog dedicated to them and their scandal. (See the McKayla Is Not Impressed Tumblr). So, it was only a matter of time (or no time at all) that a Kate Middleton topless photo scandal blog would pop up. Guys, I bestow unto you the latest time suck/brain child/idiocy from the Internet: Nips Out for Kate.

Oh, Internet, nothing is lost on you, is it?


The Tumblr, if you're not so inclined to peruse through it yourself, features a bunch of dudes, um, showing their nips whilst holding Kate Middleton masks over their faces. Am I the only person wondering how the hell this blog got up so quickly? Not, like, how did the site get up-and-running so fast -- I understand how the Internet works (kind of) -- but how did it manage to get all these pictures of guys "showing their boobs" with Kate Middleton masks over their face? The hell? It's as if this blog was put together months ago, waiting for such a scandal to happen. (Side note -- I realize that some of the photos are photoshopped to have a Kate Middleton head, but! Some of these dudes are definitely sporting masks.)

Poor Kate, right? Well, not really, I guess, because she still is going to be the Queen of England one day. But you have to feel bad for the gal a bit, right? And every other celebrity who gets memed? I mean, now when a celebrity does something -- anything! -- there's immediately an Internet joke to follow. Angelina Jolie's leg had a Twitter account, and now Kate -- and her nips -- have a Tumblr. I guess ... welcome to the Internet, Kate?

What do you think of this Tumblr?


Image via Nips Out for Kate/Tumblr

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