NHL Lockout Inspires 8 Hilarious Jokes (VIDEO)

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We could go round in circles for hours debating who is in the right, the hockey players or the hockey owners, and still end up with no NHL hockey this season, which would suck beyond belief. It's Day Two of the 2012/13 NHL Lockout, but hockey fans know never to give up hope until the buzzer sounds. There's still a chance the greedy players and the greedy owners will be able to come to some greedy agreement in time for the first puck drop on October 11. Meantime, there's nothing much anyone can do about it except wish really hard and make fun of it, as is the American way. (Or Canadian way?) Skittering around the web for any glimmer of hope this is all a bad dream turned up some funnies worth checking out, because laughing beats crying.


Best blog post:

The Barnstormer.com posted a "Fake Diary of a Locked-Out NHL-er Day 1." I seriously hope there's not a day 2, day 3, day 4 ... but if there are, it's probably worth checking back. Here's an excerpt, you can read the rest at the site.

12:00PM — Got up. Had three coffees and a box of Sudafed before I remembered there was no practice today. Washed the Maserati. Called agent to see if there were any jobs I could take away from old friends in Europe. Watched Ellen.

Created myself in NHL2K12. Rose up the minor league ranks by lunchtime. Beat the shit out PK Subban in my first game. It’s not racism. I just don’t like the guy. Then GM traded me to the Habs. Still refuse to pass him the puck. So confused ...


Best NHL Lockout Song:

I never liked that Taylor Swift song until now ... "Then you come around again and say, maybe we'll play another 80 something games. Trust me. Remember how you hardly even played. I say, I love you, you break up, you lock out. I hate you ..."

Best Tweets:

boys and girls, the NHL lockout has officially begun. suicide prevention: 1-800-273-8255 alcoholics anonymous: (212) 870-3400 @ChirpHard

NHL Lockout now in effect; Leafs fans are disappointed by the possibility of not being disappointed again this year. @22_Minutes

Annnnnnnd the NHL lockout is officially ... ON. [slits wrists with skate blade] @sportspickle

Anyone else wonder what the spike in birthrate is in NHL lockout years? @JeffMarek

Everyone stay calm over this NHL lockout. @coachingsearch

the NHL lockout is serious, we need to stop this. we need the NHL. the NHL keeps white people occupied. bored white people are dangerous @marquisybearr

Has the NHL lockout ruined your life for the next 9 months too?

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