Couple Having Sex at Yankees Game Would Do Anything for a Home Run

Yankee StadiumEnjoying a day at the ballpark is a treasured pastime for fans of all ages, but one couple really really enjoyed themselves at Yankee Stadium over the weekend.

The man and woman were filmed having sex in a bathroom stall during the second inning of the Bronx Bombers vs. Tampa Bay Rays game on Saturday -- and they didn't care who knew that they were hungry for something a little more satisfying than peanuts and cracker jacks. Yep -- even with people banging on the door of the stall, these two continued to go at it -- and didn't "finish" until somewhere around the fifth inning.


Supposedly other fans at the park that day couldn't get enough, and one eyewitness said, "People were jockeying for position outside the stall to take pics either over or under, and even standing up on the toilet bowl on the neighboring stall."

If your curiosity is getting the best of you (it's ok to admit it), you can view a short video clip of the bathroom romp over at Deadspin. It's not exactly Fifty Shades of Grey-worthy, but it's pretty comical, nonetheless.

And while a grungy bathroom at a baseball stadium doesn't exactly set the perfect stage for romance, I guess when the mood strikes you -- you have to go for it. If nothing else, you have to give this couple credit for keeping things spontaneous -- and they sure gave the other fans at the park a much more interesting show than they bargained for.

Have you ever witnessed any overly-amorous activities at a sporting event? (Or have you taken part in them?)


Image via braveheartsports/Flickr

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