Eva Longoria Confirms She's Dating QB Mark Sanchez -- Move Over Gisele! (VIDEO)

Mark SanchezDo we now have the "official" answer as to why Mark Sanchez kicked so much ass for the New York Jets last Sunday? They put up a franchise record 48 points in week 1 of the NFL season, and now, with Eva Longoria telling everyone that they're most definitely a couple -- is that the reason why?

Before you say, hey, one has nothing to do with the other, I'm a believer that one's personal life affects the way one performs for pretty much any job, professional football included. I definitely don't think fans should blame the significant others for poor performances, but athletes are human beings too. And it doesn't matter if it's a guy or girl on your mind, in case you think this is sexist. It's not!

Still, you'd think this "Desperate Housewife," 37, would have learned her lesson after the disastrous ending to her marriage to basketball star Tony Parker. I guess there's something about these sports stars that celebs just can't seem to stay away from.


This rumor of a Mark & Eva pairing has been floating since early July. They were spotted together throughout the summer, but they claimed they were just friends. Eva made it official when Extra's Mario Lopez asked about the twosome. She said that she and Mark are "fine" and "we're happy just dating."

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Though you gotta give props to Eva for snagging a guy who's 12 years younger and one of the hottest bachelors on the New York market, you have to hope she's well aware that this is, well, Mark Sanchez.

The 25-year-old's love life has been as volatile as his QB ratings. He's been linked to Kate Upton, Hayden Panettiere, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, then-17-year-old Eliza Kruger, the list goes on, and on, and on, and the last thing Eva needs is another asshole in her life.

But maybe all Sanchez was really craving was a strong, older woman who can help him grow up (he's only 25 and playing in the toughest market in sports, after all!). Who knows if they'll last ... the cynical side of me is saying yeah right ... but as of now, it seems Eva's happy, Mark is killing it on the field, and if it's gotten to the point where Eva is willing to make it official, then we may now have the newest, hottest celebrity couple in sports! Wonder what Gisele thinks of all this? ... And Tim Tebow?

I just hope New York fans don't start blaming her if the Jets lose next week. We're past that nonsense, aren't we? Besides, Jessica Simpson has been there, done that.

What do you think of Eva Longoria confirming she's dating Mark Sanchez? Think they'll last?


Image via Ed Yourdon/Wikimedia

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