The Best Streaker in the History of Football Field Streaking EVER (VIDEO)

masked streakerThere's nothing like a good, sometimes masked streaker to interrupt an otherwise boring, mundane sports game. You're sitting there with your soft drink and hot dog in hand, then all of a sudden, you see some crazy dude (come on, it's always a dude) in the buff jump the barrier and run around the field like a madman. Butt cheeks glistening and equipment flopping. Then of course you see the security guys tackle said naked man and the incident might make the local paper the next morning.

Not this streaker, though, at a Seminole High School football game in Seminole, Florida. There are a few things that make this video so amazing. Watch it first and see for yourself ... and then try to think of a better streaker video. Since you know so many of them. I guarantee you won't be able to.


Warning, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. There is a nude guy running around a football field -- what did you expect, honestly?

Let's make a list of why this video is so great. Okay!

1.) The streaker's got a pretty nice butt.

2.) He's wearing a Spider-Man mask. Not only to protect his identity, I'm sure, but no doubt to inspire superheroes everywhere with his acrobatic tricks and stealthy moves. What a statement this guy is making!

3.) Dude scaled two fences with no, um, protection. Damn, that takes balls.

4.) The security men are hilariously inept. One even manages to face-plant mid-chase. Can't make this stuff up.

5.) There was an actual getaway car. When I first saw the headlights, I thought the guy was gonna get hit by said car. Nope! This is even better.

6.) The timing of the escape was just perfect. He flew into that car and evaded the security guys and justice prevails yet again!!

So there you have it. The best streaker video ever, mostly because of the guy's bravery, his nice ass, and the slick getaway. Okay, you can go about your day now. Class dismissed.

Have you been to a game that had a streaker? Think it's juvenile & crass or funny & harmless?


Image via Chuck Boyd/YouTube

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