The New iPhone 5: Here's Why You Have to Have One

Apple iPhone 5Wahooooooo! Today is the day that total Apple nerds like me anticipate like Christmas. Ahhh, the iPhone 5 announcement. Finally, all the rumors can be put to rest. On Friday, September 14, you can pre-order it. On September 21, it can be in your hands. Apple's calling it the "biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone." Wow. That's a BOLD statement.

It's thinner. It's lighter. It has global coverage! A 4-inch Retina display! NEW LOOKING EARBUDS (with a fancy new name to match). It starts at $199. I don't have asthma, but I think I need an inhaler. Air. Must. Breathe.

I've got to ask the question: Why wouldn't someone want an iPhone 5?


Apple is on the brink of pretty much everything. Sure, there are other cellphones on the market that attempt to compete with the iPhone. Heck, I'd even go as far as saying that the Android has some better features that the iPhone does NOT. Wow, it hurt to admit that. Sorry, Dad.

Plain and simple, though, the iPhone is the device that is in the most consumers' hands. Apple has made having an iPhone "hip." This new iPhone 5 is a bigger (figuratively, of course), better version of the phone we all love, boasting an impeccable new 8-megapixel camera. Yes, older models will be cheap and buying new docks and accessories will cost ya. But with all of the excellent add-ons? It's a craving. I believe that we'll always want the newest iPhone. I wonder, though, if they'll change the name once they hit iPhone 10.

Are you planning on getting a new iPhone 5?


Image via Apple

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