Crazy Fan Fight at Raiders Game Shows Woman Walloping on a Cop (VIDEO)

Raiders fans fightIt's September, and you know what? Fans of professional football should be quite happy about that. But, wow, week 1 of the NFL season was not without some drama ... fan fight drama. The best of which was a ridiculous fight that took place among some, um, passionate Oakland Raiders fans.

It got so extreme, in fact, that cops had to get involved, and naturally, there's a video (and some awkwardly hilarious high-res images) of the whole thing.

Granted, the Raiders lost to the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football, and the team hasn't won a Super Bowl since 1983 -- perhaps their fans really do have something to get pissed about. But this pissed? To the point where a woman, who was about to get handcuffed, raises her free fist to whack a cop, then nearly falls off the balcony as she's getting restrained? Lesson learned, though it's something most NFL lovers are aware of: Don't mess with Raiders fans.


Take a look:

Ha oh my. People are so cray. And those cops ... it took two of them to restrain one woman and she still got the best of them. The cop banging on one of the hitters with his baton toward the end was rather ineffective as well. Sigh, what a waste of really great seats. The other fans don't even look all that surprised that this is going on. Some are even smiling. The whole thing is just bizarre.

As a football fan, I never understood how people can get so riled up when attending games (okay, there was probably lots of booze and swearing involved, and I'm not a Raiders fan, but still). Even if your team is losing -- relax and enjoy it! No need for the hateorade.

And I'll just say, if Raiders fans are this pissed and it's only week 1, it might be a helluva long season for them. (And don't worry so much, guys, my Pittsbugh Steelers got an ass-whooping by the Denver Broncos last Sunday too. But I didn't have to punch a cop to show how mad I was.)

Have you ever seen a crazy fan fight?


Image via James Heuser/YouTube

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