Startling Video of McKayla Maroney & Aly Raisman Injured During a Gymnastics Tour

olympic gymnasts

After making it through the Olympics, McKayla Maroney and Aly Raisman were both injured during an uneven bars routine at the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics in Ontario, California.

The two were wowing the crowd along with their teammates when something went terribly wrong. First Maroney went down in a shocking fall, and less than two minutes later, Raisman smacked the floor -- and those devastating moments were caught on tape by a fan.


The video shows a flurry of activity as several girls whiz around the floor doing various moves. Maroney hits the bars on the far right and everything seems perfectly on target until her dismount. The 2011 world vault champion stumbles, falls backward, and has to be carried away by medics.

You barely know anything has happened, as the rest of the team continues on with the routine. Then Raisman takes the bars just vacated by Maroney. As she tries to land a Shaposhnikova, she flops onto her stomach, hitting the arena's concrete floor. She was able to walk away but still visibly hurt by the mishap. 

It's disturbing to see. After making it through so many nail biters at the Olympics, I thought the tense moments were over for the "Fab Five." Obviously that's not the case. In sports, there's always a risk -- whether it's competing for the gold or regaling fans on a family-friendly gymnastics tour. No word on the severity of their injuries yet, but here's hoping they are back in action soon.

Watch Maroney's and Raisman's scary falls:


Can you believe both Maroney and Raisman were injured within minutes?

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