Chris Brown & Olympian Aly Raisman Get Cozy & We're All Confused (PHOTO)

Aly Raisman Chris BrownUhhhh -- let's see, where shall I begin? If you had to do a double take after looking at this photo, you're not alone. And yes, that's Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman sitting next to Chris Brown looking all happy and sweet and innocent and sparkly, etc. And yes, she is the one who shared the photo on Twitter.

Wow. Have you ever seen such a sharp contrast? There's Aly, who is pretty much the epitome of everything that is wholesome and good -- and then there's Chris Brown. And while I know there's really no need for me to elaborate, may I go ahead and reiterate the fact that he's a disgusting human being who no one should get excited about meeting under any circumstances?!


I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that Aly has been way too wrapped up in gymnastics over the past couple years to have paid attention to anything the media reported about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna.

Because it's just way too hard to accept the thought of Aly knowingly sitting next to a woman abuser -- and then tweeting about being happy about it! And not only that -- she ended the tweet with four exclamation points and a smiley face. Do you really think she would've done that if she'd known what went down with Rihanna? (For her sake, I really hope not.)

What's your take on this photo? Do you think Aly knew who she was cozying up to, and if she did, why didn't his past actions bother her?


Image via Twitter

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