Half-Naked 'Sexting' Statue Causes Uproar Among Uptight Parents (VIDEO)

You gotta love parents. Maybe it's all those childbearing hormones, but they sure can get their panties in a twist over the strangest things. Like saying "good girl." Or a baby maybe getting a couple of drops of Mountain Dew. The latest parental outrage -- outrage! -- comes from Kansas. There, a statue of a bare-breasted woman taking a picture of herself has caused the local parent population to draw up a petition with thousands of signatures to get rid of the offending work of art. The problem? Not that you can see the woman's bronzed boobs. But that she's taking a picture of herself. And ... dear God in heaven ... she appears to be taking this picture in order to send it to someone. She's ... auggghhhh ... sexting!


So apparently this sculpture, along with some other pieces of artwork that show the "human form," is in a park where many parents take their children. Heaven forbid kids see a boob. I mean, in all likelihood, they sucked on one for months.

But the parents, apparently unwilling to admit that they find nudity offensive, have focused on the camera part of the sculpture. Says petitioner Joanne Hughes, the uptight mother who started this whole brouhaha:

I have been to Florence, Italy, I have seen the statue of David and it's beautiful, he is not taking a picture of himself.

Uh, yeah, Joanne. Because they didn't HAVE cameras back then. Maybe if they did, David would have snapped a pic of his awesome abs! Although there are signs up warning people who can't handle a little boobage to stay away, Joanne isn't satisfied (is she ever?!):

It's small, it's a paragraph, and the very last line says oh, by the way human form is exhibited, parental guidance is encouraged. That's not the sign that you put up somewhere about a sexting sculpture.

Odd how Joanne is convinced the sculpture is about sexting. The woman is holding up a camera, but maybe she's just taking a pic of herself for the heck of it. I mean, it's a camera, not a cellphone. Joanne seems obsessed with sexting.

Or maybe the woman is sending a photo of her boob to her husband, saying something like, "Honey, I ran out of breast milk, please pick up some formula on the way home." Is that sexting, Joanne?

Lest we think this is all Joanne's fault, there's another guy, Phillip Cosby, who is preoccupied with sexting. He says:

When it comes to sexting and children it's a serious issue. It's beyond comprehension why a city would put a statue that's celebrating sexting.

Celebrating sexting?! There's no proof that is what this sculpture is about, but if it is about sexting, who says it's a celebration? Lots of art isn't a celebration. Was the Mona Lisa celebrating smiles? These people need to get a grip. If you're worried your kids might become sexting addicts after a quick view of a sculpture, take away their phone.

Does this statue offend you?


Image via Fox 4

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