Grown Man Steals Ball Meant for a Kid & We're Not Sure How He Sleeps at Night (VIDEO)

Steals ball brewersWhat is it with all these adults stealing foul balls and other sports memorabilia meant for little children?! I don't get it! If a player is approaching your section and there's a small child in the vicinity, and the player throws something aimed at said small child, it isn't meant for you! Step aside and let the young fan have their moment (and souvenir!). WTH, adults?!

The latest? During last Wednesday's Marlins-Brewers game, Norichika Aoki of the Brewers tossed a ball toward a little boy and a little girl in the stands. Yes, he aimed his toss at two small children. I bet you can guess what happens next.

A grown man proceeded to step in front of the two kids and make a grab for the ball. He then ran off with the ball smiling, and the little girl leaves us with one of the most priceless reactions I've ever seen.

Because of course there's a video of the whole ordeal.


Like the rest of these stories, you gotta see it to believe it:

But thank goodness that it works out for the little girl in the end (not sure what happened to the little boy?). In between innings, Emily Martin, who's a fourth grader, tried to get another ball -- this time she had to do a dance. Luckily for her, she was able to take home a prized possession from the big game. It was a special moment for her, and I'm glad she finally got to experience it.

She was even interviewed after the whole incident. She said, "My dream was to get a ball. But I would cry at the end because I never got one. I would ask every single day."

Gotta love a young sports fan who's so passionate about baseball! Glad her dream was able to come true, even though at first she was seemingly so close to it, yet it was greedily snatched away. Not sure how this guy will be able to sleep at night. Hope that one lone ball is worth the national ridicule, buddy.

Have you ever caught a ball at a game? Would you step out of the way if the ball was thrown toward a child?

Image via MLB

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