5 Reasons the iPhone 5 Is a Waste of Your Money (VIDEO)

iphoneJust when you thought you and Siri were really getting to know one another, the iPhone 5 rumors start churning out in full-force. Are they true? No one can say for sure, but where there's smoke, there's fire, so one can surmise. What features will it have? We'll get to that in a minute. Will Siri still be a part of this new and improved device? I assume. But she'll most likely appear as a hologram before you and will have the ability to love. Kidding. Suri's awesome as is. Psych. Suri sucks. Kidding again! Maybe. Anyway! Here are five reasons why you shouldn't run out and purchase the iPhone 5 ... if, you know, it's even coming out. (It totally is.)


The iPhone 6 is going to be epic. And the iPhone 7, transcendental. The iPhone 8 -- eh, you get where I'm going with this. Those Apple geniuses know what they're doing, coming out with a "new and improved" iPhone every year-and-a-half. Planned obsolescence, people. There's always going to be something better around the corner. So, why not just wait until you've got the cash to buy a new iPhone instead of upgrading every time a new one comes out?

Some of the feature rumors are just ... odd. One of the supposed new features in the iPhone 5 is the jack for the headphones is going to be moved from the top of the phone to the bottom. Weird. I think the jack location makes perfect sense as is.

Older iPhone models will be cheaper. Why spend a million bucks on the latest and greatest phone when you can get an older model for much cheaper? Like I said, the iPhone 5 will only be the latest and greatest for so long.

Buy an iPad instead. There's going to be a "new and improved" iPad out any day now, too (or perhaps an "iPad mini"), wouldn't you rather have that?

Supposedly, you'll need a new charger and dock. Rumor has it that the new iPhones will require new SIM cards, as well as new docks and chargers. So, basically, you'll have to refinance your house if you get the new iPhone -- because you'll need all new gear, as well. Pass.

Are you planning on buying the iPhone 5?


Image via BeauGiles/Flickr

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