Ryan Lochte on '30 Rock' Could Be Brilliant or Incredibly Awkward

Ryan Lochte Tina FeyRyan Lochte is taking over. Seriously. He's going to take over everything. He's already taken over the Olympics. Then it will be reality TV (The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars and his own show). Then unwatchable tween TV shows (90210). Then the fashion world. And now shows that are actually kind of good -- like 30 Rock.

Jack Burditt, a writer for the show, tweeted a photo of Lochte hanging out with Tina Fey. It's the final season of 30 Rock, and I guess they're pulling out all the stops with celebrity guest appearances. Just didn't think Lochte had the acting chops for this kind of programming, but -- jeah for him!

I told you. He's everywhere. And I for one can't wait to see how he does on 30 Rock and if he can pull off this cameo.


Lochte is actually in New York this week covering Fashion Week for E! News -- probably one of the weirdest pairings ever, but I digress. That's why he had time to film this cameo. I can only picture him pointing to clothes and saying either, "Jeah!!" or "Eh." He even admitted he knows next to nothing about interviewing. Watching that train-wreck on live TV could be kind of interesting though?

I mean, here's his illuminating insight on the whole interviewing thing: "I’m gonna be the one interviewing people, which is going to be totally weird ... It’s going to be a different role, so I’m definitely gonna -- it’s gonna be totally different." Hmmm ... never been one to watch Fashion Week coverage, but this could be the year.

Still, Ryan Lochte + Liz Lemon? This I gotta see. I can't wait to find out what Tina Fey gets out of Lochte, especially since he's more fun to look at than listen to. I'm assuming he'll be playing himself, but since it's the last season of 30 Rock, I'm hoping for lots of surprises -- Lochte's cameo included. He may be hot, but he's awkward incarnate whenever he opens his mouth.

Of course, we can't forget his Shakespearean thoughts on acting, which you can recall below: "Memorizing lines, and trying to, like, say them and still, like, do movement and all that. That was hard." Sigh. Gotta love him.

Are you getting sick of Ryan Lochte? Will you watch him on E! or on 30 Rock?


Image via jackburditt/Twitter

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