New Link Between Football & Alzheimer's Is Scarier Than You Think

NFLHigh-impact sports are already pretty frightening, but now that a new study has found that football players have an increased risk of brain disease, watching them plow into each other on the field just got a lot more cringe-worthy.

The study found that NFL players are four times more likely to develop Alzheimer's and ALS, which have to be two of the most devastating diseases a person can die from. There's nothing worse than slowly forgetting each and every single one of your memories, especially for the people closest to you who have no choice but to sit back and watch it happen.


And since the risk of having one of these diseases is so much higher for football players, I can't help but wonder if the thrill of the game is really worth the risk of losing everything you hold dear. Honestly, what's the point of having a career in the NFL if there's a good chance you won't even remember making all those touchdowns and tackles?

Sure, the money, fame, and easy lifestyle are definitely nice perks, but isn't it kind of nerve wracking to know you're putting the health of your brain in danger every time you run out onto the field? (Geez -- why does football have to be so violent?)

Thankfully, it does sound like the NFL is concerned over the link between the sport and brain disease, which is why they've provided a $30 million grant to study brain injuries. Hopefully by digging a little deeper and raising awareness, players will be able to keep themselves safe, and spare their families the grief of watching them go downhill all because they were hit on the field one too many times.

Does this new study change your impression of how dangerous football can be?


Image via Mr. Usaji/Flickr

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