Angelina Jolie Rants About Rob & Kristen on Twitter but the Mystery Doesn’t End There

When I think of Angelina Jolie, I think of someone hopping around the globe, saving orphans and refugees, visiting war-torn countries, and, at least once, stealing someone's husband. In other words, she's a busy gal. I don't think of her tethered to her computer, making inane comments on Twitter. But could Ange have actually been amongst us for an entire year, sending out Tweets that no one really noticed? And could she have actually -- gulp -- talked about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? And could she have then been bullied off of Twitter a la Zayn Malik? And was this really her? I'm so boggled right now but let's go with it ...


Last August, a Twitter account called @JolieProject popped up. It's described as "official Angelina Jolie account -- projects related." And it's got that blue check mark next to it that says Twitter "verified" that the account is real. (But let's remember Twitter also once verified the account of Wendi Dang, the wife of Rupert Murdoch -- even though it wasn't her.)

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So let's assume this WAS Angelina Jolie. I mean, woah. Ange tweeting amongst us mortals. And no one really took note. Over one year, she got only 164,000 followers -- not much more than her right leg! Recently, she sounded off on the Robsten scandal:

Do you know that more than 90% of the stories about celebrities are either made up by some magazine, or are a pr stunt ... You play along when younger but end up realizing it's a bad idea. Studios gain, but you don't. (Kristen - Robert thing : classic)

Some blogs took this to mean that Ange is accusing Rob and Kristen's relationship of being fake or a PR stunt. Is this what she meant? Sounds like.

In January, she tweeted:

If they serve you with Katy Perry, choose Pink instead.

That last one drew quite a few RTs, though Team Jen asked, "WTF does this even mean?" Leave it to Team Jen not to understand Ange!

She talks Twitter bullies:

I truly believe in freedom of speech but things people say under alias names are so sad. So much filth and anger ... If you don't agree with someone's opinion -- try to rebut with arguments. "I'll slice your throat & kill your family" is unacceptable!

Wow. Did someone threaten to kill Ange's family? I looked through a huge amount of Tweets to Ange but didn't see anything like this. Maybe she's just speaking generally. Or she read about LeAnn Rimes!

As for her "secret" account, Ange brags:

You can definitely stay almost unrecognized on social networks, unless media or someone else "famous" mentions you.

Then she says sayonara:

All in all -- It was an interesting experience. I do love you all and remember -- we are all just human.

So was this really Ange? The "verified" sign would say "yes." But at least one site, iMediaEthics, which says it advocates for "factual, ethical reporting," claims the account is fake.

Either way, it was nice having Ange around, even for a short time. I miss her already. But we still have her right leg.

Do you think this was really Angelina Jolie?

Note: This account has since been suspended.

Image via Oparazzi/Flickr

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