The 6 Times It's Okay to Dump Someone by Email (VIDEO)

It's bad enough when a guy dumps you, but when he does it by email! Ohh! Ouch! But email is reportedly how that perenially classy guy John Mayer chose to shed Katy Perry after two months of dating. Says one of those trusty sources to US Weekly magazine:

He dumped her over email. She was furious and really hurt. She was into him, but he wasn’t feeling it.

Anyone else getting the feeling that John Mayer needs some ther-a-py aysap? Cause he can't find anyone -- not Katy, not Jen Aniston, not Taylor Swift, not Jessica Simpson -- that he "feels" it with. John either needs to date outside of the Hollywood pool or the XX chromosome pool, and I'm not sure which one. Maybe both.

That said, heave-ho'ing someone by email is normally considered a cowardly, lame move. But there are six times it's okay to e-dump someone.


1. If you're never around each other. Both Katy and John travel a lot, and though they dated for two months, I'm guessing they saw each other precisely once. If you can never seem to get in the same city with your wannabe ex, it's okay to dump by email. Or carrier pigeon.

2. You've only dated two months. I think two months, three tops -- unless you've spent every single waking moment together and discussed marriage and named your children -- is merely a "getting to know you" period, and not a serious relationship. Email okay. Post-It still not okay.

3. You're arguing big time. If every time you get in the same room together with your wannabe ex lamps fly and the neighbors end up calling the cops, it's best to do the breaking up from the safety of your computer.

4. Your relationship was based on email. I actually know quite a few couples who communicate more by email than by phone or in person. If your relationship is primarily one conducted by email, might as well continue with what works -- or doesn't, as the case may be.

5. You can say it better by email. If you get tongue-tied whenever you and your ex start speaking, and you genuinely feel that you can be more civil, explanatory, polite, and empathetic by email, then that's better than a tete-a-tete in which you only grunt, blink, and lose your nerve to end it.

6. You're gonna end up in bed -- again. If you just know -- cause it's happened, like, 5,000 times before -- that you're going to try and end the relationship over dinner, and a bottle of wine, and mmm, he's lookin' pretty good, and maybe things aren't that bad, and oh hell, might as well get one last romp in -- then do it by email. It's better than "doing it" AGAIN.

If you've been dating someone for a long time, or were serious, or sheesh people, you LIVE together, you should dump in person (unless this puts you in danger). And there are certain things that should never be said over electronic communication. But, let's face it, email is today's version of the old ink quill and parchment paper. It's just a lot faster and you have to add smiley faces.

Have you ever broken up with anyone by email?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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