Kris Humphries' Rumored STD Will Plague Him On and Off the Court (VIDEO)

Kris HumphriesIf he thought the drama that has surrounded him since his divorce from Kim Kardashian was tough to deal with, now Kris Humphries is being sued by a woman named Kayla Goldberg who insists he gave her herpes. (You really can't make this stuff up.)

Supposedly Kris and Kayla engaged in a fun game of hanky panky back in 2010, and a week later, Kayla wound up with a good old fashioned case of herpes. And she's not only accusing him of giving her the STD, she's also claiming that Kris knew he had it before he got busy with her. (Oh boy. Isn't it usually frowned upon to have sex when you know you've got something funky going on down there?)

But regardless of whether or not her allegations are true, being an "NBA player who possibly gave a girl herpes" isn't exactly going to do wonders for Kris's scarred reputation.


Quick -- what's the very first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the name "Magic Johnson"? Somehow I'm guessing it's not a basketball hoop -- it's the fact that he has HIV. (Am I right?)

Professional athletes who have STDs pretty much have the disease stamped on their foreheads in bright red ink, and even if they have tremendous athletic ability, the STD is still the first thing people think of when watching them in the middle of a game.

And aside from Magic Johnson, Kris Humphries isn't the only sports figure to be accused of knowingly having one. Before the whole dog fighting scandal went down, back in 2005, NFL player Michael Vick was hit with a lawsuit from a woman claiming he didn't disclose the fact that he had herpes before sleeping with her.

And then there's NBA star Dwayne Wade, whose own wife accused him of giving her chlamydia back in 2010. Sources did emerge saying her accusations were false, but still -- chlamydia isn't a very comfortable term to have associated with your name.

Come basketball season, Kris can dribble up and down that court and make slam dunks over and over again, but he'll always be "that dude with herpes" to fans at the Brooklyn Nets games. Hopefully for his sake, they'll at least exercise some restraint and resist the urge to throw condoms at him from the stands.

One thing's for sure, Kris isn't going down without a fight, as you will see in this video clip.

Do you think Kris really gave this woman herpes?


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