Weatherman Turns to Tim Tebow for Help While Battling Hurricane Isaac (VIDEO)

tewbowingWhat do you do if you're caught in the middle of Hurricane Isaac and want to shed some light on a very dire situation? Well, for starters -- you get down on your knees and pray.

And one weatherman even went a step further with his plea to the heavens. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore actually dropped to the ground and started "Tebowing" in the middle of a live report from New Orleans while braving the rain and wind brought along by Hurricane Isaac.


Take a look at this video clip to see Jim take Tim Tebow's legendary move to a whole new level.

Ha Ha Ha! Is that a classic or what?! You have to admit, he really found a great way to turn a very sticky situation into somewhat of a comedy routine.

And as for his comment at the end of the clip -- "For whatever it's worth, I hope I'm making Tebow proud" -- something tells me Tim won't have any problem with Jim borrowing his moves. Anyone who's willing to stand up to a hurricane all for the sake of getting the story deserves to have a little bit of fun, right?

Be honest -- have you ever "Tebowed"?


Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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