Cringe-Worthy Steelers Tattoo Looks Like a Bad Child's Drawing (PHOTO)

Steelers tattooUgh. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, who bleeds black and gold, I cannot even begin to tell you how sad seeing this photo makes me. I just know that all you Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals fans are practically drooling due to all the funny jokes and mockery you can come up with regarding how absolutely terrible this tattoo is.

Errr ... maybe we can call it "art"? Plenty of other folks are trying to justify, um, whatever this is. Like, maybe it's some kind of statement on the, er, sloppy, rather dark history of the Steel City? Perhaps there's a kid involved who drew out the sketch? All I have to say is, this guy, who "fancies himself a tattoo artist," better have been super, super drunk to come up with this abomination. And then permanently etch it onto his skin.


I tell ya, I know plenty of Steelers fans who have shown off their love for their team by inking it on their skin, but this is the worst I've ever seen. I really, really hope some kind of story comes out about this, like it's his son's or dog's sketch of the logo or something, but yeah, it's more likely that he tried to do it himself and it all went terribly, terribly wrong.

Because honestly, my first thought was that this guy just flat-out doesn't like the Steelers to honor them with such an ugly tattoo. Or that he lost a bet and someone forced him to do it. Or that we're all being taken for a ride and the dude drew this on himself with some colored pens.

So, I think it's safe to say that this is the worst Steelers tattoo, perhaps the worst tattoo in the history of tattoos, and I'm really disappointed that it's my team that had to suffer. Steelers fans, take note: Next time you want to get a tattoo to show off your black & gold love, go to a professional!

What do you think of this awful tattoo? Any way to justify it?


Image via Reddit

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