Real Life With 12 Celebrity Moms & Dads on Instagram (PHOTOS)

Sheri Reed | Aug 29, 2012 Good News

Nicole Richie Sparrow Harlow kids
Nicole Richie with kids Harlow & Sparrow
There is so much we don't know about the lives of celebrity moms and dads. I mean, we like to think they're probably just like us -- making silly faces, snuggling their kids, shopping at Costco, and taking their kids to get their first haircuts. Well, now that there's Instagram and so many celebs have joined the fun app, we can know all this for sure. We can sneak a peek at their real lives with our very own eyes. And guess what? They ARE just like us! Well, except when they're making breakfast wearing a baby and a punk rock sock monkey hat.

Yes, that's right. Can you guess which fun celebrity mom is captured on Instagram doing just that? Read on to find out and to see the 12 celebrity moms and dads you should be following on Instagram.

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