Samuel L. Jackson's Hurricane Isaac Jokes About GOP Kick Up a Twitter Storm

Oh, you Twitter, you. Can't say anything on there without a Category 5 storm o' haterclone coming your way. Yeah, smack dab in the convention center of your soul. Speaking of conventions, as Hurricane Isaac began tracking away from the Republican National Convention in Florida and towards New Orleans, actor Samuel L. Jackson took to Twitter to express his displeasure with Mother Nature. Tweeted Jacks, sounding suspiciously like his character in Pulp Fiction:

@SamuelLJackson: Unfair sh*t! GOP spared by Isaac! NOLA prolly f*cked again! Not understanding God's plan!

Samuel didn't understand Twitter's plan either, because it was to take ... him ... doooooown. Yeah, just like it took down poor little One Direction singer Zayn Malik, who quit Twit after a buncha hatah. But Samuel Jackson ain't Zayn Malik. You're messin' with Jules now!


After Jackson's Tweet, the "meanie celebrity" cries went up, such as these:

@dirtywork: Samuel L. Jackson = blithering idiot & bigot. Hate spewer!!

@efumisrb: @SamuelLJackson Why has God spared Hollyweird from the big one?

I guess maybe they thought Jackson would just slither away quietly like other celebs, but he's Samuel L. Jackson, people! Remember his MOLYMPICPHUKKEN FEVAH tweets about the Olympics? He -- or Jules? -- got right into the eye of the storm:

Whoooo! A lotta sh*t stirred into a Bullsh*t tweet! Politics & Religion get MUHFREPUBLICANS heated!

But after a couple of minutes, he seemed to cool down and he wished that everyone be safe no matter their politics. Eh, don't worry 'bout it, Sammy. Twitter's hate is just like a 'cane, it hits fast and hard, but blows over in a day.

What do you think of Samuel's tweets?

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