Young Boy Asks Novak Djokovic to Marry Him & What Happens Next Is Amazing (VIDEO)

Novak DjokovicMight as well make it official: 25-year-old Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic is one awesome dude. The second seeded player was practicing for the U.S. Open, and while the practice was mostly quiet and not all that enthralling, suddenly a young voice from the crowd pierced the silence:

"Djokovic! Will you marry me?!"

Those in attendance burst out into laughter, and then Djokovic did the last thing I think anyone expected him to do. He stopped practicing, laughed, and headed to the stands to chat with the boy. Then, just as unexpectedly, he invited the young fan to serve a few tennis balls and finally gave him a big ol' hug.

Awwww. After this and watching Djokovic dancing with a lawn mower for the fans, I think I figured out who I'm cheering for at the Open now!


All right, I know, enough with this words stuff. Time to check out the video!

Just a note, the original video is over five minutes long, but the action with the young fan and Djokovic takes place pretty quickly. After about the two-minute mark, it's more of him practicing, which isn't all that bad to watch too:

Whew, that young kid's got a mean serve, doesn't he? I'm thanking my lucky stars that wasn't me because there'd be no way in hell I could concentrate enough to hit a tennis ball with Novak Djokovic and a couple hundred fans staring at me. I think we have a young potential tennis superstar in the making.

Even if the fan was joking and being sarcastic about the proposal, Djokovic's classy reaction to it made my day. And hopefully it made yours too! I'm sure it made that kid's entire life. Now, even if you didn't care about the U.S. Open before, you have someone to root for. What a great guy,a great fan, and a great video!

What do you think of Novak Djokovic's marriage proposal?


Image via funcatalogue/YouTube

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