Ladies, Christian Grey Is on Twitter & He'll Tweet You Back, Baby

Good news for all you Fifty Shades of Grey fans. I know when you're reading the trilogy, you are thinking one thing. You're thinking, I wish I could meet these characters. I wish I could be these characters. I wish I could ... Tweet with these characters! Yes, that's what you're thinking. Don't front me. Well, finally, you can! Christian, Anastasia, Katherine, Elliot, and other characters from the book are now on Twitter. And they're Tweetin' up a storm. Let's see what these randy bishes have to say.


Unlike a lot of fictional Twitter accounts, these are not parody accounts. (Unless you subscribe to the theory that all of Fifty Shades is actually a parody -- heh, good one, E.L. James!) Christian, Ana, and the rest all stick to their characters. *Pointed stare.*

Here's a lil' taste of Christian Tweeting to a fluttery fan:

@Jo_witterings: Good evening, Mr Grey. What a glorious sight it is to have you on my timeline once more. I have been pining away

@ChristianTGrey: Good morning, Ms. Jo. Feeling is mutual. *lifting a brow* Pining away?

@Jo_witterings: Yes Christian, pining away miserably for your tweets and replies as always. It was very dull without you. #sayyestochristian

Christian also sends out stalkery tweets to Ana, pressuring her to marry him. A sample:

@AnaRSteele: Of course being with @ChristianTGrey is its own kind of heaven :) RT @MrsChristGrey ...

@ChristianTGrey: Heaven, Miss Steele, is you under me, naked. I'm not content to go there alone. Marry Me? #SayYestoChristian

The tweets are the brain child of something called Grey House, which is fan driven. However, their disclaimer notes that they are using copyrighted material from the novels, as well as pictures that may be copyrighted. (A couple of catalogue models somewhere will soon be surprised to learn they are the spittin' image of Christian and Ana.) *Brow arching.*

It remains to seen if Fifty Shades' publisher has an issue with Christian and Ana getting frisky on Twitter. Considering that E.L. James based her original material on the copyrighted material of Twilight, it would be pretty ironic if Grey House got demolished. *Mouth downturned in contemplation.*

Would you Tweet with Christian and Ana?


Image via Twitter

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