Facebook & CNN Track Your Talk About Elections in a Scary, Brilliant Way

Obama can't fix the economy! Romney is only for the rich! Obama is the best! Romney rocks! On and on it goes on Facebook every single day, more and more presidential chatter in our Facebook feeds. And now Facebook knows what to do with all that election chatter. It's looked at it all, figured out who is talking about which candidate where, and partnered with CNN to create a site called CNN/Facebook Insights Tracker that tracks the social media buzz of Barack, Mitt, and the gang.


If you head over to the handy track, you'll see that, for instance, in the past three days (you can change the timeframe), Romney has a 24 percent increase in people talking about him, while Obama has a 25 percent decrease. Many more states are talking about Romney. And more men are talking about Romney while more women are talking about Obama.

But what are they saying, Facebook, oh wise one?! Well, that you can't tell. At least not yet. Surely FB has the capability to send its scary Big Brother bots out looking for key words and to categorize them into negative and positive sentiments. But apparently they haven't done that -- yet. Right now, you can track the presidential and vice presidential Facebook chatter by state, gender, and age only.

And, if Facebook "likes" are any indication of anything, Obama is much more popular with the FB crowd than Romney. He's got 27 million "likes" versus Mitt's mere 5 million. (Since one can buy Facebook likes, who knows what to make of those numbers anyway, though I'm sure neither candidate would ever admit it.)

But who is the wallflower that no one is asking to "like" at the FB dance, nor even talking about? Joe Biden, of course, with a mere 376,000 likes. Well, I guess if you could somehow put Biden and Ryan Gosling in the same sentence, he'd have more buzz, but you can't. No, seriously, you can't. Don't even try.

Do you talk about the election on Facebook?


Image via CNN/Facebook

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