5-Year-Old Forced to Turn Football T-Shirt Inside Out at School Gets Surprise From Team (VIDEO)

University of MichiganDid you hear about the 5-year-old who got in trouble at school last week for wearing a college t-shirt? Yep -- Cooper Barton (a kindergartner) was told to turn his University of Michigan t-shirt inside out because it violated the Oklahoma City School dress code. (I know, totally ridiculous.)

But now it looks like Cooper is getting way more than the satisfaction of being able to wear his favorite team's apparel, because University of Michigan athletic director Dave Bradon is sending Cooper and his family to a game at the school -- all expenses paid. And on top of that, he's sending him a bunch of University of Michigan themed gifts, and plans on introducing him to the massive crowd at the stadium on game day.


Wow. Can you imagine a bigger thrill for a little kid than showing up at that football game and receiving a round of applause from over 100,000 cheering fans? That will more than make up for the fact that he was humiliated in front of his classmates simply for wearing a t-shirt his school didn't approve of. 

After hearing just how generous the school is being to Cooper and his family, I'd say they have more than enough reason to cheer on and support the University of Michigan now -- even if Cooper has to change his school "uniform" a bit going forward.

Check out this video clip to hear more about the t-shirt ban in Oklahoma.

Do you think Cooper should have been allowed to wear his favorite team's shirt?


Image via AndrewH324/Flickr

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