You CAN Live Without Your Phone -- You Just Don't Want To

Smartphone Apple iPhoneSmartphones have completely revolutionized the way we do everything during our day. We wake up to our smartphone's alarm. We use the smartphone to find out what time the bus comes. At work, we get news updates thanks to notifications from that beautiful little piece of equipment. Looking for a lunch spot? Oh that's easy with this here little app ... on your smartphone. OK, OK, you get the idea.

So are you ready for a late afternoon chuckle? A study recently came out that reveals 68 percent of the smartphone owners "can't live without their smartphones." Sixty. Eight. That's not not a lot of technologically addicted individuals, amiright? 

The reality: Yes, we could live without our phones. But to be real, I for one just wouldn't want to.


Listen, I'm all for putting down the phone every once in a while and completely unplugging. The break from being constantly connected is totally worth it, and usually when I do do that, I feel refreshed and much, much less stressed.

In my day-to-day, though, I use the smartphone for too much. Whether it's finding a spot to grab coffee with an old friend or getting directions to a friend's place, smartphones are the perfect companion when you're on the go. Instead of having to print out directions or look up suggestions for where to buy new sneakers before I head out, my trusty iPhone enables me to do everything without having to pit stop back at home. Plain and simple: The techy gem has become essential to our functionality, and without it I'd be lost in more ways than one.

But still, would I say I can't live without it? Definitely not. Come on, I'm not an addict or anything (immediately checks Twitter feed).

Would you say you can't live without your smartphone?


Image via Mattsmacintosh/Flickr

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