Weird Robo-Glove May Be a Huge Breakthrough in Detecting Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

tricorder gloveThere are some crazy pieces of technology out there in the medical field, and this? This is no exception. This weird robo-glove called the Tricorder is the second prototype of the Med Sensation breast exam glove. This glove, which was developed by medical students at Singularity University, is rife with sensors, which are intended to give doctors remarkable feedback while performing breast exams on patients. The glove could theoretically also help diagnose problems like enlarged kidneys and other issues that lie beneath the skin.

Weird? Um, yes. Looks like something out of a cheesy '80s futuristic movie, but if it can help save lives, who cares? Check it out.


Supposedly, the third version of the glove will come with micro-ultrasounds on the glove fingertips, and will allow the information derived from the "glove-guided" exam to be wirelessly transmitted to an outside device. According to the glove's inventors, the first goal is to bring the glove into medical education settings, to teach doctors to improve their examination skills. And then if that goes well, the team hopes to get the glove into doctors' offices. And then, better yet, the team wants to make a consumer-friendly version that "will allow people to do a physical exam themselves." Sounds good to me. Anything that will help with the detection of breast cancer is a win all around. Even if it's in the form of a super weird-looking glove.

Would you use this glove?


Image via Fransiska Putri Wina Hadiwidjana/YouTube

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