Pair of Stupid Crooks Attempt to Rob Kickboxers & Wind Up Beaten and Bloody (VIDEO)

kickboxingA couple of crooks got way more than they bargained for when they tried (and failed) to steal cellphones from a group of kickboxers -- and wound up getting way more than a harsh scolding.

You know that whole "eye for an eye" thing? Well, wherever this kickboxing gym was, they definitely seem to follow that philosophy.


Take a look at the video clip below and watch what happens when these two dudes are forced to make amends for trying to take something that isn't theirs.


HA! Don't ya love it? And the best part is that they probably thought they were being super smart by trying to rob a bunch of athletes who were busy boxing and wouldn't be paying close attention to their personal belongings. (Boy -- were they wrong!)

And while some will probably argue that police should've been called instead of the kickboxers taking matters into their own hands, you have to admit that their method of punishment was highly effective.

Hopefully they've learned their lesson, but if not -- perhaps they should consider robbing people who are a little less into high contact sports.

Did this video crack you up, or do you think their punishment was too strong?


Image via TheLiveleakchannel/YouTube

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