Football Coach Accused of Texting Nude Photos of Himself. Again. (VIDEO)

Michael Carson

A high school football coach in Georgia is in pretty hot water after one of his player's parents accused him of sending some pretty naughty text messages to her. Coach Michael Carson was suspended by Martin Luther King Jr. High School after a confrontation went down at a football game last weekend.

Davida Bishop, the mother of two players on the football team, apparently showed some other folks at the stadium nude photos of Coach Carson, which he apparently sent to her via text. And if her claims are true, unfortunately for Carson, she had no interest in seeing him in the buff. (Oops.)


Wait just a minute here -- is anyone else having a bit of a case of "deja vu" after hearing this story? Because it sounds awfully similar to the Bobby Petrino scandal at the University of Arkansas. Of course, in Bobby's case, the receiver of the photos, Jessica Dorrell, was cool with having them show up on her phone. (So gross.)

Seriously, what is it with these coaches? If this new claim is true -- didn't Michael Carson pay any attention to what went on with Petrino in the news over the past few months? If he did send those photos, then apparently he either doesn't own a TV or computer -- or he just doesn't make it a point to brush up on what's going on in the sports world. You'd think Petrino would've taught other coaches a lesson about what is and is not appropriate to send via text.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how this investigation plays out -- but it seems to be shaping up to be yet another tale of a coach losing his career because he couldn't control his manly urges (or hitting the "send" button).

You can hear more about what happened in this video clip.

Do you think Davida Bishop's claims are true?

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