Dude Rides 6-Inch Bike & It’s as Awesome as It Sounds (VIDEO)

Tiny bikeThis is gonna be the most bizarre/coolest thing you'll see all day, I guarantee it. There's a video going around showing off a cyclist riding the teeeeeeniest bike you've ever seen. It defies all laws of physics -- how does this super-little, cute, tiny bike support this rather large man?!

I have no idea what possesses people to do something like this, but it's pretty incredible. Not only am I amazed the bike is able to hold up this guy, I love the fact that it never topples over! It's also great how the rider is all decked out in cycling gear, cruising right by a forlorn, deserted, normal-sized bike.

The video is only 22 seconds long, but watching it will make your day and definitely pique your curiosity, trust me.


Take a look:

Why can't I stop watching this? Hopefully tiny cycling will be the newest event in the 2016 Olympics. Or how about X-games with mini bikes? Doing flips on a teeny-tiny bicycle? I'd watch the shit out of that.

It's great how a mode of transportation could literally fit in your purse. Looking forward to when these start getting sold in NYC. What a way to get around town. And thank goodness he's wearing the helmet -- that little bike goes pretty fast!

Isn't this the coolest mini bike you've ever seen?


Image via oooooopppss/YouTube

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