Facebook Promises to Make You a Celebrity -- You Just Have to Die

coffinThere's a new Facebook app that wants to make you famous. The only catch? You have to die. And not like Rachel Zoe "die"; literally, like, stop breathing. The app is called "If I Die," and they just launched a campaign called "If I Die 1st". "If I Die" has users record messages to friends and loved ones (or enemies?) to be played after they stop living. But "If I Die 1st" has people recording messages and then racing to death's door. Kind of. See, the first person to die after entering the "contest" will have their post-mortem message broadcast for all the world to see.

At first I thought recording a message to be posted from beyond the grave was a little ooky, but after some thought, it actually could be kind of ... funny.


I mean, think about it. Death's a major bummer as it is. You could totally lighten the mood with a random, screwball comedy of a message. That is, if you want your loved ones to have a good laugh after you die. If you want them to feel shittier than they already do, you could record something super sad and depressing a la Michael Keaton in My Life, which is the saddest movie ever!

Or you could record something super incriminating about the co-worker you never got along with? Ooh, or something cryptic and haunting-sounding? You could say something like, "Watch out for the man in the yellow jacket" before you sign off. Then, everyone who watched it would be freaked out every time they saw some dude wearing a yellow coat. Chef's choice!

Personally, I like the funny, light-hearted route. It's going to be freaky enough for people to see your talking, breathing, blinking face after you bit the dust. Why not make them smile?

Would you ever leave a post-mortem message to people?

Image via puuikibeach/Flickr

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