US Open Umpire Arrested for Violently Murdering Her Husband ... With a Coffee Cup!

coffee cup murderAt 70, Lois Goodman, a tennis umpire for the US Open from Woodland Hills, California, doesn't strike most of us as a murderer. But that is exactly what police have charged her with after her husband Alan Goodman was found dead last April. She said he "fell down the stairs." Cops say she beat him to death ... with a coffee cup.

The whole thing is so bizarre and strange and sad. Alan Goodman was 80 years old and coroners say his injuries weren't consistent with a simple fall down the stairs.

What is scary is that, if she is guilty, it seems she almost got away with it.


The death was in April. She is just getting arrested now. Though police seemed focused on her anyway, it's strange and frightening how long some of these cases of spousal murder can take to solve.

It's a pretty terrifying idea that if your own spouse turned on you, it might take years to uncover the truth. Although, another scary thought might be this: This "it's always the spouse" mentality may be putting innocent people behind bars.

This case may be cut and dried and maybe she did exactly what authorities allege that she did. But in most cases where a married woman goes missing, suspicion always turns immediately to the husband.

Maybe he is guilty as sin (hello Scott Peterson), but maybe he isn't. Accidents happen, right? It's a strange thing. Obviously, we hear of so many cases where it seems so obvious that the spouse did it, it's almost laughable.

But sometimes the media spins things and people look obviously guilty who aren't. I won't even mention some of the bigger cases since so many Internet commenters believe that a person is guilty until proven innocent. But generally, if a person is acquitted, they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Our justice system isn't fool-proof, but it works and is the best we have.

If Goodman is guilty, then I hope she pays. But she deserves a trial before we all say she beat her husband to death with a coffee cup. It seems so far fetched, it's hard to even imagine.

Do you think the media is biased against the spouse?


Image via Tobyotter/Flickr

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