9-Month-Old Baby Is Baseball's Lucky Charm -- & He Has No Idea!

baby baseballIn the nearly 150 years baseball has been around, there have only been 23 perfect games. Three have been this year. And at two of them, an adorable 9-month baby named Bode Dockal has been in attendance. Coincidence? Mmm, I don't think so.


Actually, scratch that. I do think it's a coincidence, but honestly, who cares? This kid is ridiculously cute, and this story is pretty crazy!

Okay, so little Bode has only been to two baseball games so far in his young life -- Philip Humber’s perfect game at Safeco Park a few months ago, and then Felix Hernandez’s perfect game last week. That's weird, dude.

At Bode's first game, his daddy Paul realized what was happening around the sixth inning. He told MLB.com: "I turned to my wife, because it was a warm day and she didn’t know how long we should keep Bode out there. I said, 'something really interesting is happening here. I can’t talk about it, but I think it’s happened less than 20 times in the whole history of baseball.'" And then, yeah, it happened. Humber became the twenty-first player to throw pitch a perfect game. Of course, Bode had no clue what was going on, but his parents were thrilled nonetheless. Paul added: "It’s one of those things that I don’t think he could understand how important it was for me to be with him until he has a son of his own." Aw.

But then, a few months later, Bode went to another game: Seattle vs. Tampa Bay, and boom, it happened again via Felix Hernandez. Crazy!

I definitely am not one of those people who believe in superstitions -- and I know die-hard sports fans and their long beards and dirty underwear or whatever will beg to disagree. But in the case of Bode, who cares if he's a lucky charm or not -- he's incredibly adorable, and his parents are enjoying the ride!

Do you believe in sports superstitions?

Image via joshme17/Flickr

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