'Rich Kids of Instagram' Who Post Pics of All Their Wealth Need a Time-Out

Let's say you're a rich young adult or teen who lives in a mansion, drives a Ferrari, travels by private jet, and vacations at the most exclusive resorts in the world. Oh, and let's say you don't pay for any of it -- your parents do. Would you a) thank your lucky stars for your freak of birth and keep your mouth shut about it, b) photograph your freakishly luxurious lifestyle and share it with the world. Well, if you're the "Rich Kids of Instagram," you of course do the latter. Because there's no point in being a member of the one percent if the other 99% don't know about it!


The Rich Kids of Instragram is a tumblr page dedicated to, well, filthy rich kids. They take pics of themselves with the accoutrements of the wealthy -- their gold iPhones, their helicopters, their receipts for a dinner totalling over $100,000, even a gold-plated AK47 -- and upload them to Twitter and Flickr via Instagram. It's like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous without Robin Leach. Only these spawn of the filthy rich did squat to earn their wealth. (#nojobnoproblem is a popular hashtag.)

Nor do these real life Richie Riches show off their lucre anonymously -- Twitter handles and hashtags let you know exactly who they are. Not the safest thing in the world. Most of their parents probably spend a lot on security. In fact, billionaire Michael Dell recently shut down his daughter Alexis' Twitter account after she repeatedly blabbed about her family's plans and locations via Tweet even though her Dad (the CEO of Dell Computers) spends millions trying to keep that stuff secret. Hey, you can buy planes, but not brains!

Social media is all about oversharing, and this has got to be oversharing in its most grotesque form. The country is still in a recession, millions have lost their jobs, their health care, and their homes, and struggle daily just to put food on the table. It's one thing if you've made billions and want to show it off for some reason -- but when you're just showing off the money you had zilch to do with earning, then it's gauche, tasteless, and vomit-inducing.

The only positive thing I can see coming out of this is perhaps the country will wake up and tax the rich as they deserve! Clearly, they are not hurting for cash. Wanna get a little irate? Go check out Rich Kids of Instagram.

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