6 Reasons to Jump on the Instagram Bandwagon

InstagramI love snappin' pics. I really adore my iPhone. It was only a matter of time until I got way-too hooked Instagram. You know, that photo-sharing app where you can make your photos look 8,000 times cooler by adding some "filter" with a cool name like "Walden" or "1977." OH the simple things.

Well the app just did a pretty cool update that includes a photo maps feature that lets users plot their Instagram pics on an interactive world map. Seems that the smarties behind Instagram are really listening to what their users want, and I can appreciate that. Now more than ever, the app is totally worth the splurge. And by splurge, I mean FREE download.

Check out our 6 reasons to jump on the Instagram bandwagon:


1. It's more visually appealing than Twitter. OK, granted you can take Twitpics and upload all different sorts of media to your Twitter posts. However, I like Instagram better (gasp!) because it's just so colorful and visually appealing. KnowwhatI'msayin'?

2. Channeling your inner artist has never been so easy: All these cool photo filters, they do the hard work for you. Who needs to spend hours in a photo lab when you can just click and drag, right? Only with Instagram can my lame photo of my lunch look super cool in seconds.

3. The new maps feature: With the maps feature, it's really fun to see where you've been. For me, mapping my photos reminded me about that weekend trip I took to Washington, D.C. a few months ago. We have enough going on as it is, any tool that can help me stay organized -- I'm in.

4. Holy interactivity: Just last week I took that there photo of a shaken pina colada (top right), and a friend of mine commented on my post suggesting another amazing drink to get at that same lounge and to tell the bartender he said hi. Seriously, a good suggestion and a cute new bartender friend? Win.

5. It's easy to follow along with your favorite brands: Yeah, I follow my friends and family on the app, but I also follow my fave magazines, actors, and companies. It's cool to see what goes on behind the scenes at, say, Women's Health, and I love checking out the cool photo shoots from the team at refinery29.com. Seeing a motivational post from Nike before my morning runs, those doesn't hurt either. 

6. Everyone's doing it. OK, so that's not a good reason. If everyone was jumping off a bridge, you wouldn't be jumping too. OR maybe you would, I don't know. ANYWAY -- you know how it is. Everyone got on Facebook, so you did too. Here's to conformity!

Do you use Instagram?


Images via Emily Abbate, Instagram

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