Woman's Crude Email to Padres After 30 Job Rejections Shouldn't Have Gone Viral

Yesterday, I wrote about STFUParents and my view that some of the postings were an invasion of privacy. Many disagreed with me, contending that anything on the Internet is public. However, if that were true, I would write the sequel to the bestselling book Go the F-ck to Sleep. Because that book began as a joke on the author's Facebook page. Maybe Adam Mansbach won't mind. Hey, Adam, it was on your Facebook page! It's mine now, allllll mine. Bwahaha.

Apparently some people -- like the coughSan Diego Padrescough -- think that emails too should be sent around for mass consumption. When the baseball team got an angry email from frustrated job seeker Taylor Grey Meyer, they decided to circulate it.


After Taylor was rejected for job openings 30 times by the Padres, she received an email from them urging her to sign up for their $500 job fair. As she'd already applied for every job imaginable with them and been turned down, she felt their offer was a way to take advantage of desperate job hunters.

So Taylor did what many of us long to do when companies get on our nerves -- she sent off an email telling them to get lost. Only she phrased it as "suck my d ---" and said her boot would be a good fit in their ass.

Unlike her resume, Taylor's email was a huge hit. Padres employees began forwarding it around until everyone in the entire sports industry had read it. A few even liked the email so much they're taking meetings with Taylor about jobs.

Taylor seems to think "something great" will come out of her angry email rant going viral. We shall see. As for myself, I think privately sent emails should remain private. Unless they belong to Kristen Stewart.

Do you forward emails from people without them knowing about it?

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