Miley Cyrus' Bun Has Gone the Way of Angelina Jolie's Leg (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Aug 15, 2012 Good News

Miley Cyrus' bunMiley Cyrus got REAL the other day when she chopped off her luscious blonde locks and opted for a brand new style. Yup, Miley Cyrus shaved her head ... pretty much. So what if it's a little Brooklyn hipster meets Hitler Youth? Anyway, shortly after the chop, something epic happened. No, fiance Liam Hemsworth didn't end their engagement (although I do wonder what he thinks about this emotastic change). It's better: Her former bun got its own Twitter account. Yes. Friends, meet Miley's Bun.

Poor bun. All chopped off with nothing to do except get freaky on Twitter. Get this: the account already has 28,761 followers! OK, so that's a lot less than Angelina Jolie's right leg but hey -- WAY more than J. Lo's nipple! Holy wow -- this bun is REALLY on to something!

I get a lot of my news via Twitter. Within seconds of something happening, someone somewhere on my Twitter feed has heard about it and has something to say. That's my favorite thing about the site: Its immediacy.

But let's be real, my second favorite thing? These parody accounts. Who doesn't love a good laugh from a celebrity body part, fave accessory, or escaped zoo animal? I know I do. I'm rooting for an account for Kristen Stewart's tears soon, myself.

Check out some of the hilarious tidbits Miley's Bun has to say below!

Are you LOL-ing at Miley's Bun?


Images via Twitter

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