Happy 25th Birthday, Tim Tebow -- This Year You'll Become a Man

Tim TebowDo you know what today is? Yeah, yeah, I know it's Tuesday -- but it also happens to be Tim Tebow's 25th birthday. (I know, I thought the same thing. He's only 25?)

And for a 25-year-old guy, he's certainly accomplished quite a bit. I mean, he's already one of the most highly recognized names in the NFL, even though not everyone has the most favorable opinion of him. (Evil haters!) But love him or hate him, Tim Tebow's rise to super-stardom has only just begun, and I've got a good feeling that his 25th year is going to be his best ever.

Want to know why? I'll tell ya.


1. His game only seems to be improving. In fact, he even outperformed Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez at the team's first practice. It's almost like he gets stronger and stronger every time his football abilities are questioned.

2. His confidence is going through the roof. Um, have you seen the new shirtless photos of Tim Tebow in GQ magazine? All I can say is "yes, please." He really needs to forgo the shirt more often. (Mama likey.)

3. Romance rumors surrounding him keep heating up. Tim's been linked to a few famous ladies, though so far he's still single and not ready to mingle. But the fact that he's even being associated with a female means he's one step closer to finally losing his virginity. (I may know someone who is more than ready and willing to help him with that.)

4. He already has a sandwich named after him. The "Jetbow" sandwich can only lead to bigger and better things with his name stamped on them, right?

5. He's a New Yorker now. Duh -- what could be better than living in the Big Apple? Trust me, I've done the whole Denver thing, and while those mountains are picturesque, they can't touch the excitement of the hustle and bustle of NYC. (East-coaster for life, baby.)

6. He can finally rent a car! (Hooray!) Hitting the magic age of 25 is a milestone everyone dreams of, because you can finally get behind the wheel of a classy mid-size and go on a thrill ride. It's about time Tim took himself for a nice spin.

Do you think this will be Tim's biggest and most successful year yet?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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