Chad Johnson 911 Call & Wife's Domestic Violence Statement Don't Bode Well for His Future (LISTEN)

Chad JohnsonWell, I'm not sure how much worse it could get for Chad Johnson, aka Chad Ochocinco. The recently released Miami Dolphin star wide receiver was arrested a few days ago for allegedly head-butting his new wife, Evelyn Lozada, star of Basketball Wives. It's a sad and unfortunate incident, made all the more real now that the audio of the 911 call has been released.

Evelyn had fled to a neighbor's house, with a large gash on her forehead, and her (seemingly very calm) neighbor then proceeded to call 911. He warned the dispatcher that he didn't want the police to make a scene or to make Johnson even angrier. You can also hear him tell Evelyn to wipe her forehead and hear her give input in the background. The call lasts for a good four minutes if you'd like to hear it for yourself.


Here is the 911 call:

It's such a shame that a talented and charismatic (his Twitter feed is just hilarious) guy like Chad Johnson has so little control over his temper that he assaulted his wife in this manner (if what Evelyn said is what truly did go down).

Now that Chad's been released and their reality show, Ev and Ocho, has been cancelled by VH1, who knows what's going to happen with him now. I highly doubt any team will want him so soon after the alleged assault (though nothing surprises me about the NFL anymore), and I'd like to believe his professional football career is over ... but then again, I'm sure he could find a new team a couple years down the road. Sports teams and fans in general tend to have very short-term memories -- and talent unfortunately tends to trump all sins (and arrests).

Regardless, let's hope Evelyn and Chad both get the help they need to get through their domestic problems. That might not happen any time soon, since Chad is alleging that Evelyn head-butted him, and she says he isn't getting the help that he needs. But she hopes that by taking a stand, it'll encourage other women to break their silence too. Such a shame all around for these two newlyweds.

What do you think of the 911 call? Do you think Chad Johnson will play for the NFL again?


Image via Jeff Kern/Wikimedia Commons

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