25 Celebrities Who Aren't on Twitter But SO Should Be

blake livelyThese days, everybody's on Twitter ... except when they're not. As hard as it may be to believe, there actually are a few celebrities left out there who are yet to join the site (if ever). Perhaps it's because they're trying to hold on to any shred of privacy they may have left, or perhaps it's because they simply don't feel like letting the world know when they're SOOOOO sleeeeeppyyy ... Either way, I think it's cool. Good for them for going against the grain. Of course, the celebrities who aren't on Twitter are the ones who'd have the best feeds.

Here are 25 famous folk who aren't on Twitter (but it would kind of be awesome if they were).


(Some of these stars actually have Twitter accounts, but zero tweets. So that doesn't count. 'Kay, here we go:)

Tina Fey -- Best. Would-Be. Twitter. Ever.

Jon Stewart -- Best. Would-Be. Twitter. Ever. Part II.

Beyonce -- One tweet doesn't count, sorry!

Kim Kardashian -- Hahahaha-psych!

Kate Middleton -- Probably best she doesn't join. I would tweet her every day.

Prince William -- Ditto

Prince Harry -- He-llo, ditto!

Robert Pattinson -- Oh, man, how we'd love to hear his tweets right about now.

Kristen Stewart -- And hers.

Zac Efron -- Meh, I guess he'd be somewhat interest-- eh, who am I kidding, not really.

Vanessa Hudgens -- Samesies for his ex. Sorry,m V-Hudg.

Blake Lively -- Fashion tips, kthnxbai.

Ryan Reynolds -- Pictures, kthanxbai.

Natalie Portman -- She'd probably tweet some smart, interesting, "green" things, no?

Angelina Jolie -- Wedding plan info?

Brad Pitt -- Wedding plan info?

Jennifer Aniston -- Wedding plan info?

Sandra Bullock -- What's there not to like about, Sandy?

George Clooney -- Some Twitpics of the Villa in Lake Como would be nice.

Mila Kunis -- I dunno, perhaps we could see some personal pics of her and Ashton.

Katie Holmes -- I meeeaann, a KH Twitter would be great right now for obvious reasons. But a better Twitter account? Suri!

Tom Cruise -- Okay, supposedly he tweets once in a while. But not really. 

Madonna -- Just so we can see her write things like "humour" and "colour"

Paul McCartney -- Same. But because he's actually British.

Sienna Miller -- Cute, new baby pics!

Kate Hudson -- Just because she's adorable.


I'd love to see these Twitter accounts, but respect, you guys. Respect.

Are you on Twitter? Who would you love to see on Twitter who isn't?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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