Beat It Facebook, There's a New Social Network in Town

nicole fabian-weberLook out Facebook, there's a new social network in town. A new social network that promises no advertisements whatsoever. A new social network that promises no spam whatsoever. A new social network where "users come first." Sign me up! Sign you up! Sign us all up!

The would-be network is called and it promises a "real-time social feed without the ads." Why? Because "advertising-supported social services are so consistently and inextricably at odds with the interests of users and developers that something must be done."

Sounds great, right? So, what's the catch? wants you to pay $50 to join. Sooo ... yeah ... this is awkward.


When I first heard of the potential new site, I figured there would be very few people interested in shelling out 50 bucks just to not see ads for Zappos and Bird's Eye vegetables on the right side of their newsfeeds (yes, I just logged in to Facebook to see what ads would pop up). But apparently there are some people, because asked people -- anybody -- to contribute money toward their goal of $500,000 to help get the site going -- and they've already far exceeded this goal.

Now. Would I pay $50 to join a social network when a perfectly fine-working one already exists? Hell no. But that's me. Truth be told, there isn't a week that goes by that I don't think of quitting Facebook. I love/hate it. But for people who are really into social networking, and who really hate advertisements and super annoying spam, this isn't a bad option. I mean, it's kind of the only option, isn't it?

Do you ever think of quitting Facebook?

Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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